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Here's What You Need to Know About the Commercial GPS Tracker

In today's society, vehicle theft happens from time to time, and once many vehicles are stolen, the chances of recovery are very low. In order to prevent vehicles from being stolen, these car owners have started to choose GPS locator or tracker products. Especially, the safety of freight cars has always attracted people's attention. Therefore, the state proposes that freight cars must be equipped with GPS, and the GPS vehicle positioning system conforming to the national standard must also be installed. Especially for heavy trucks, the goods loaded are very huge. For this truck, once there are problems, the consequences will be very serious, and the personal safety and property safety will face enormous challenges, so it is even more necessary for the national standard GPS positioning operators to monitor and manage. So what can GPS locator do and how does gps commercial vehicle tracking work? Today, I will explain this problem to you.

What is the working principle design of the commercial vehicle tracker?

First of all, we have to explain what is the interrupt system of program response. Because the communication between the MCU and the module is irregular and of indefinite length, in order to avoid blocking, the system adopts the interrupt receiving mode: all the received data are put into the corresponding circular buffer during the interrupt process, and then the main program analyzes the received serial data. The MCU has to respond to two other interrupts: one is the interrupt triggered when the alarm button is pressed; The other is timing interrupt, which is triggered every 20ms to detect the timeout response of GSM module. At the same time, the satellite positioning information is sent to the third party by short message through GSM network, and the short message is interpreted by microcomputer, and the vehicle position is displayed on the electronic map, thus realizing the vehicle GPS positioning system.

How to find the GPS positioning on the vehicle?

The vehicle GPS stabilizer mdt mobile data terminal equipment is installed to receive the signals emitted by the satellites, and the calculation is made according to the received signals of more than three satellites (at least three satellites), and then the system can determine the specific location of the vehicle by combining with the GIS electronic map. The terminal calculates the location of the vehicle through the satellite, so how does the vehicle monitor know the location of the vehicle? This requires a SIM card and UIM card, which are also commonly used China Mobile Card and China Telecom Card. As for which card to use, it depends on the module type of the equipment you choose. It is worth noting that when the traffic of the card runs out, the vehicle can not be located. Here's to remind everyone to be careful when choosing a card.

What is the difference between personal locator and car GPS tracker?

Personal locator is used to track the arrival of a person carrying equipment, such as 360 bracelet, which is developed for children's personal safety. It is convenient for children to find and play truant when they get lost and don't go home after school. It can master the personal movement route and know their geographical location at any time, so that they can arrive in time when their families are in danger and emergency. Generally, the function is simple, the equipment is small, portable, hidden and convenient, and it also has the functions of calling and paging.

However, vehicle-mounted GPS single positioning products, which are generally only used to monitor and dispatch the asset vehicle tracking system, can give an emergency alarm when encountering problems, and have a series of functions such as emergency oil and power cut-off when the vehicle is stolen, setting the driving range of the vehicle (oil and power cut-off; Track query; Electronic fence). Monitor and manage the illegal passenger transportation of taxis and buses, and further guard against theft of vehicles.

Nowadays, the market demand for vehicle-mounted products is gradually increasing, and major manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the market development of the automobile industry, including Apple, which has already set foot in this field, and a practical GPS locator also brings a sense of security. Through the above introduction of the working principle of GPS locator, how it works, and then the functional principle of personal locator and car locator, we should have a simple understanding of car GPS positioning system. If you want to protect your car, you should install a GPS locator for your car as soon as possible.