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Vehicle Mount Computer

Vehicle mount computer is a sturdy and durable in-vehicle computer, which is suitable for various vehicles to work in complex and harsh environments. The vehicle mount terminal is suitable for commercial vehicles such as agricultural tractors, excavators, loading and transport trucks, engineering tower cranes, self-driving mining trucks, large trucks, buses, and taxi-hailing vehicles. Like the rugged mobile data terminal, the PDS vehicle mount touch PC also uses a car-grade 64-bit processor, an ANDROID operating system, and has an IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating. At the same time, through the optional built-in centimeter-level positioning module, the T10 mobile data terminal for sale can meet the automatic or semi-automatic driving needs of agricultural, engineering, or mining vehicles.

Vehicle Mount Computer Benefits

The Benefits of Vehicle Mount Computer
The Benefits of Vehicle Mount Computer
Feature Highlights 01

1) On-board chip 64-bit processor, 4-core Cortex A53@1.5GHZ, processor passed AEC-Q100 test

2) The same product can support ANDROID 10 or LINUX+QT5 system to meet different application requirements

3) Support RTK high-precision centimeter-level positioning function

4) Up to 4 channels of 720P cameras can be previewed at the same time

The Benefits of Vehicle Mount Computer
The Benefits of Vehicle Mount Computer
Feature Highlights 02

5) It can support up to 2 channels of the CAN network, and the CAN rate can support 500kbps/250kbps switching

6) Support Ethernet function and external hand-held public network intercom function to meet the needs of fleet networking operations

7) Support 9-36V power input, support ISO7637 vehicle power supply standard, compatible with various surge vehicles

8) IP65 protection grade to meet the needs of complex and harsh working environment

Vehicle Mount Terminal Common Applications

PDS vehicle mount computer are widely used for agriculture tractor autonomous driving. Both 7 inch and 10.1 inch mobile data terminals of our mobile data terminal manufacturer can meet different size agriculture tractor. Agriculture tractor autonomous driving helps to improve farming efficiency a lot. Here are some common applications:

  • Precision Farming: The vehicle mounter computer can be used in conjunction with GPS and other technologies to enable precision farming. This includes precise application of fertilizers and pesticides, accurate planting, and efficient irrigation.

  • Equipment Monitoring: The vehicle mount computer can be used to monitor the status and performance of agricultural machinery. This can help in timely maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

  • Yield Mapping: The vehicle mount computers can collect data on crop yields in different parts of a field. This data can be used to create yield maps, which can help farmers make informed decisions about crop rotation, fertilization, and other aspects of farm management.

  • Livestock Management: In livestock farming, the vehicle mounted devices can be used to monitor the health and location of animals. This can help in managing feeding, breeding, and health care of the livestock.

  • Data Collection and Analysis: The vehicle mount touch computers can collect a wide range of data, from soil conditions to weather data. This data can be analyzed to make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, and harvesting.

  • Navigation: The vehicle mount terminal can provide navigation assistance in large farms, helping to plan the most efficient routes for machinery and workers.

  • Communication: VMTs can provide real-time communication between workers in the field, the farm office, and other locations. This can improve coordination and efficiency in farm operations.

PDS’s Top Vehicle Mount Computer Features

PDS offers the high-quality Vehicle Mount Computers with some features including:

  • Rugged Design: Vehicle Mount Computers are built to withstand harsh conditions, including dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. They are often shock and vibration resistant to endure the rigors of being mounted on vehicles.

  • Touchscreen Interface: Many Vehicle Mount Computers feature a touchscreen interface for ease of use. The screen is often designed to be readable in various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

  • Wireless Connectivity: These vehicle mounted devices typically have wireless capabilities, allowing for real-time data exchange and communication. This includes Wi-Fi and often 4G LTE.

  • GPS Navigation: Many vehicle mount touch computers include built-in GPS for accurate navigation and tracking.

  • Multiple Power Options: These vehicle mounted devices often support multiple power options to ensure continuous operation. This can include vehicle power, battery power, and external power sources.

  • Versatile Mounting Options: The Vehicle Mount Computer is designed to be easily mounted on a variety of vehicles, from forklifts to trucks and other heavy machinery.

  • User-Friendly Software: These vehicle mounted devices often come with user-friendly software that can be customized to suit the specific needs of the user.

  • Barcode Scanning: Some vehicle mount touch computers include built-in barcode scanners or can be easily integrated with external scanners.

  • High Processing Power: To handle complex tasks and run multiple applications smoothly, the vehicle mount touch pc is equipped with high-speed processors and ample memory.

  • Durable Keyboards: If not entirely touchscreen, the vehicle mounter computer often comes with durable, easy-to-use keyboards that can withstand heavy use.

How to Choose the Best Vehicle Mounted Computer

Choosing the best Vehicle Mounted Computer (VMC) depends on your specific needs and the environment in which it will be used. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Durability: The vehicle mount computer (VMC) should be rugged and able to withstand harsh conditions such as dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It should also be shock and vibration resistant.

  • Screen Size and Visibility: The vehicle mounted PC screen should be large enough to display information clearly and should be visible in various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

  • User Interface: Consider whether a touchscreen or keyboard interface would be more suitable for your needs. The interface should be user-friendly and easy to operate, even with gloves on.

  • Connectivity: The vehicle mounter computer should have reliable wireless connectivity for real-time data exchange and communication. This could include Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and Bluetooth.

  • Power Options: Look for a vehicle mount terminal that supports multiple power options to ensure continuous operation. This could include vehicle power, battery power, and external power sources.

  • Mounting Options: The vehicle mount touch PC should be easy to mount on a variety of vehicles. Consider the size and weight of the device and whether it will fit comfortably in the operator’s workspace.

  • Software Compatibility: The vehicle mounted devices should be compatible with the software applications you plan to use. This could include inventory management, route planning, or other specialized software.

  • Processing Power: The vehicle mount touch computers should have sufficient processing power and memory to handle your applications and tasks smoothly.

  • Support and Warranty: Consider the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer and the warranty terms.

  • Price: Finally, consider the price of the vehicle mount terminal and whether it offers good value for money. Remember to factor in the cost of any additional accessories or software licenses you may need.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best Vehicle Mounted Computer for your needs.

FAQs of Vehicle Mount Computers

  • How Do I Install the Vehicle Mount Computer into the Car?

    PDS's vehicle mount computers all support the installation of standard ram mount, and different types of ram mounts can be selected to meet.

  • How Does the Vehicle Mount Computer Realize Automatic Switching On and Off

    PDS's vehicle mounted devices support ACC detection and on-off. It is necessary to ensure that the onboard ACC signal is correctly connected with the pin of the corresponding line of the onboard computer.

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