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PDS Mobile Data Terminal List
Currently, there are three main types of PDS products. They are: Vehicle Mount Computers, Rugged Tablets and Commercial Vehicle Trackers. The main product is Vehicle Mount Computer series. T10 is a rugged vehicle computer, mainly suitable for a variety of special operations vehicles, R10 is a rugged and durable handheld tablet; The PB001 4G TRACKER is a 4G TRACKER for various vehicles.
PDS commercial vehicle tracker box can be customized according to the requirements of each fleet. The same-homing precise positioning and trajectory playback can accurately understand the working information of the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle work efficiency can be improved and improved according to the collected vehicle information, and the cost of fleet management can be reduced.
Rugged tablets are mobile tablets specially developed by PDS, which can be used for special construction machinery vehicles to use remote control to complete operations in complex operating environments. At the same time, the solid plate itself has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, which can ensure the normal work in complex environments.
At present, agricultural vehicle- borne computer is mainly used to control the precise positioning and navigation of agricultural vehicles, to realize automatic driving, and is widely used in various agricultural vehicles. Digitalization of engineering vehicles, including excavators, pile drivers, tower cranes, road ollers, mining trucks and so on. To enhance eficiency and safety of operation through on-board computer-centric control system. New Energy vehicles have been the trend, we can see new energy vehides equipped with large-screen on-board computer. As an important asset, goods vehicles or construction vehicles (excavators, ollers, tower cranes, rollers, etc.) are usually equipped with TRACKER equipment.
We offer farm vehicle mount computers and farm equipment tracking devices for agricultural industry.
Construction & Mining
We offer vehicle mount computers and rugged tablets for excavators, pile drivers, tower cranes, road rollers and mining trucks in construction & mining industry.
Boat Terminals Market
Our vehicle mount computer can meet the management and scheduling needs in boat industry.
Transportation & Logistics
GPS trackers are often installed on commercial vehicles to meet the management of the equipment.
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Shenzhen PDS Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, as the main early provision of industrial-grade terminal products and custom-made services. Starting in 2022, the company focuses on the launch of its own brand of car computers, car black boxes, car recorders, and rugged industrial terminals. The company's core R & D team, with more than 15 years of automotive electronic product design and manufacturing experience, provides customers with reliable and reliable products and services.

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