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PB002 LTE Waterproof Standby Asset Tracker (GPS Vehicle Trackers)

PB002 LTE Waterproof Standby Asset Tracker (GPS Vehicle Trackers)

PDS asset tracker GPS vehicle trackers, which can be used to locate vehicle location information and view vehicle working track. At the same time, due to the compact design of PB002 vehicle tracking GPS monitoring system, this battery powered GPS vehicle tracker can be installed in a hidden location of the vehicle and is not easy to be found.

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For fleet management tracking vehicles, this small 4G battery-powered GPS vehicle tracker can help to obtain a lot of vehicle data information to help the fleet manage effectively. We also provide PB001 semi truck trackers at competitive prices, which improves management and operation efficiency.

Why Choose Us for Battery-powered GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Support LTE CAT M1 network standard (Quectel BG-95)

Asset tracker gps vehicle trackers are equipped with LTE connectivity, enabling them to provide real-time tracking information. This feature is particularly beneficial to logistics companies for better route planning and timely deliveries.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

The PB002 GPS battery powered vehicle tracker provides real-time location updates for commercial vehicles. This feature is essential for organizations to monitor the whereabouts of their fleet and ensure efficient operations.

  • Compact and Portable

The commercial truck GPS tracker is designed to be easy to install, making it convenient for businesses to equip their entire fleet.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The commercial truck tracking devices support CAN and RS232 functions through 10PIN expansion interface

  • IP67 waterproof rating

GPS fleet vehicle tracking devices for commercial trucks are waterproof and adaptable to all weather conditions. Commercial truck tracking systems provide accurate tracking information even in heavy rain or snow, allowing businesses to continuously monitor their vehicles.

Highlights of PB002 LTE Waterproof Vehicle Tracking Monitoring GPS System

  • Integrated LTE-M communication module, high-precision Beidou dual-mode GPS module.

  • Compatible with 9-36V power systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, our battery-powered GPS vehicle tracker can be installed on buses, taxis, trucks, personal cars, business cars, etc.

  • This vehicle inventory tracking system is able to monitor vehicle location, detect driving behavior, voice communication, and remote control. As a typical commercial vehicle tracking device, the vehicle tracking GPS device can extend various peripherals with I/O interfaces, such as temperature sensors, door detection sensors cameras, etc.

  • An intelligent device for fleet vehicle tracking management. The vehicle running status, vehicle condition data, vehicle fuel consumption data, driver control data, etc.

PB002 LTE Asset Tracker GPS Vehicle Trackers Applications in Different Industries

Vehicle Rental

Leasing cars and car mortgages collectively refer to the field of vehicle leasing. In the field of vehicle rental, problems such as car theft, overdue vehicle repayment, and vehicle absconding are most likely to occur. Asset tracker gps vehicle trackers can provide accurate vehicle location information to assist the vehicle rental industry in recovering the vehicle and reducing costs. damage.

Logistics and Transportation

Logistics transportation not only refers to the field of express transportation, but also covers cold chain transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables, cargo transportation, catering industry transportation, takeaway, etc. The field of logistics and transportation requires high efficiency and fast delivery, but sometimes superiors and customers cannot grasp the actual transportation status of the vehicle. With a battery-powered GPS vehicle tracker, superiors and customers can immediately check the actual transportation status of the goods on the GPS platform and predict When the goods arrive, be prepared to receive the goods in advance.


Farmers have a specific planting, weeding, and harvesting season, and because the seasons repeat, they put battery powered vehicle trackers on tractors and other farm equipment. This enables it to map the plantation and ensure accurate return to the same time when planting or weeding for the next season. This strategy is especially effective during foggy, low-visibility seasons, as the machine will still be running, guided by its GPS rather than visual reference. What's more, its high accuracy makes it suitable for mapping soil sample locations, allowing farmers to locate areas with soil suitable for farming.

Law Enforcement Tracking

Police also use it to catch suspects and criminals during investigations, and to track people who feel their lives may be in danger.

Travel Alone

When traveling to an unfamiliar place, it is advisable to carry a battery powered GPS vehicle tracker with you to alert one in case of any danger or getting lost.

 Specification of PB002 LTE Waterproof Standby Asset Vehicle Tracking System

Indicator1: Power indicator: green
2: Positioning status indicator: blue
3: CAT M1 status indicator: orange
CPUARM 32BIT Cortex-M4 CPU ( GD32F303RE ) , 120Mhz Max frequency,
GNSS positioning moduleGNSS module :
Support GPS, GLONASS, BD&QZSS; Support A-GPS function
CEP50: 2.5 meters (open field)
Capture Sensitivity: -148 dBm
Tracking Sensitivity: -162 dBm
Cold start: 32S typical(open sky)    Warm start: 1S
LTE moduleBuilt-in Quectel  BG95-M3  (CATM)
Cat M1:
Cat NB2:
Carrier Support:
Deutsche Telekom(Europe)
AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint (North America)
Module certification:
FCC/PTCRB(North America)
G-SENSORbuiltin 3-axis acceleration sensor
Button1button (*example:  It can be defined as SOS button)
Power2 power supply methods:
1. USB-C 5V power supply
2. 9-36v power input (*through extension 10-PIN interface)
Interface1xUSB-C type interface (for power supply)
1x10-PIN extended function interface
1xNANO SIM card slot
Waterproof levelIP67
Installation method3M glue installation
Working temperature-30℃~+70℃  Humility:0%~90%RH

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