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Vehicle Mount Computer Solutions in Transportation & Logistics

Background introduction of commercial vehicle tracker

Trucks or construction vehicles (excavators, road rollers, tower cranes, road rollers, etc.) are important assets. The owner unit generally installs TRACKER equipment on the vehicle to meet the management of the equipment. The cloud needs to know the location of the equipment, the status of the equipment operation, and so on. This requires the trackers for semi trucks to have several specific features, preferably IP67 waterproof, can locate and communicate with the background through 4G, can communicate with the vehicle through RS232 or CAN bus, and so on. This mobile data terminal for sale is such a WATERPROOF LTE TRACKER.

Requirements for commercial vehicle tracker

  • Waterproof and dustproof grade above IP65,

  • 4G LTE sending background

  • Compatible with vehicle-grade power supplies to meet various vehicle surge conditions

Advantages of PDS commercial vehicle tracker solution

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade, suitable for use in harsh environments

  • UBLOX A-GPS function, fast positioning function

  • LTE-M support

  • ISO7637-2 automotive power supply standard