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Vehicle Mount Computer Solutions in Boat Terminals Market

Background introduction of ship on-board computers

New energy vehicles have become the general trend. We can see that new energy vehicles are equipped with large-screen on-board computers. We believe that the marine market will be similar to the development of new energy, and the onboard computer is also a big market. Our T10 and T8 series will be able to serve this market. The industrial tablet PC ODM type can be connected to the shipboard equipment bus through the CAN bus, can run the marine navigation map on the equipment, and can send the ship's sensor information and position information to the background center through 4G to meet the management and scheduling needs.

Requirements for ship on-board computers

  • Waterproof and dustproof grade above IP65, preventing salt spray corrosion.

  • Support CAN bus function

  • Multi-channel CAMERA function

  • Vehicle mount touch computers are compatible with automotive-grade power supplies to meet various surge conditions

Advantages of PDS ship on-board computer solution

  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade, special treatment to prevent salt spray corrosion, suitable for use in harsh environments

  • Support CAN, RS232, RS485 and other bus functions

  • This mobile data terminal device can support 2 analog HD camera monitoring at the same time

  • Vehicle-grade master control, 64-bit processor, passed AEC-Q100 test

  • ISO7637-2 automotive power supply standard