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GPS vehicle dynamic monitoring sanitation vehicle operation supervision subsystem

Commercial GPS tracker is divided into two types: built-in battery and those that need wiring, including wired GPS locators that can locate in real-time, keep track of the vehicle's location, view historical tracks, and release various driving reports, etc. They are widely used in many industries such as official car management, private car anti-theft, and loan car tracking. Many car owners or drivers have the question, how much power consumption is the installation of a car GPS locator on the vehicle battery, and will it affect the service life of the vehicle battery?


First, the power consumption of commercial GPS trackers

Generally speaking, the wiring type GPS locator will inevitably cause battery power loss because it needs to be connected to the vehicle battery to work. The old GPS locator consumes a relatively large amount of power because it does not have intelligent working functions and constantly locates and transmits. However, most of the current new GPS locators consume relatively less power, and some of them also have intelligent working functions. When the vehicle stops, the device enters the standby state, which does not communicate with the satellite to search for positioning and only sends heartbeat packet data to ensure that the GPS is online for a long time. When the vehicle is on fire, the motion sensor of the device will detect the body vibration, and the GPS locator will enter the working state and communicate with the satellite in real-time, which does not affect the effect of GPS usage. Therefore, the power consumption of a commercial GPS tracking system depends on the power consumption and function of the locator. Generally speaking, it will not affect the service life of the car battery, and owners can use it with confidence.


Second, for sanitation vehicles commercial GPS tracker

Commercial vehicle tracking device mainly applies to the object of washing and sweeping vehicles, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, new machine sweeping vehicles, small washing vehicles, garbage removal vehicles, sprinklers, pickup trucks, three-wheeled electric vehicles, suction vehicles, and other mechanized vehicles, by installing the sanitation vehicles special integrated machine equipment, the real-time location of the vehicle, operating status, operating trajectory, driving mileage, driving fuel consumption, the By installing the special integrated machine for sanitation vehicles, we can monitor the real-time location, operation status, operation track, mileage, fuel consumption, violation, sweeping quality, and other information, and manage the dispatching of vehicles for emergencies.

1. Vehicle video: Vehicle positioning and vehicle video integrated machine, according to the actual business needs of vehicles requiring vehicle video services installed infrared high-definition camera. At the same time, commercial GPS tracker equipment supports the operational status sensing sensor, which can sense the operational status of sprinklers, sweepers, etc.

2. Oil consumption sensor: Through the installation of a high-precision oil needle type oil consumption sensor, real-time detection of changes in the fuel tank oil volume.

3. Driver Attendance Machine: Installing a vehicle-mounted card punching machine in the vehicle, can allow drivers to clock in and out of work.