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How to Better Use GPS Vehicle Positioning System in the Management of Logistics Fleet

Global Positioning System (GPS) itself has the characteristics of good performance, high precision and wide application. It has been the best vehicle navigation and positioning system ever since it came out. At present, with the continuous improvement of the global positioning system, the software and hardware are constantly improved, and the application fields of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions are constantly opened up. Now, it has spread all over various sectors of the national economy and is still gradually penetrating into people's daily lives.

GPS locator is widely used, such as road inspection, tracking of valuable goods in logistics, tracking and dispatching of public security personnel, and even detective work, not to mention car theft prevention, bicycle theft prevention, electric car theft prevention, motorcycle theft prevention, bank armored vehicles, military and police exercises, inspection and tracking, official vehicle management and so on.

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the logistics foundation and technology in China have been greatly improved at present, but at the same time, there are some problems in the logistics industry, such as the loss of orders, the damage or mistake of customers' goods, and the inability of vehicles to be well dispatched and utilized.

So, is there any way to effectively solve these problems after finding them? Today, Pudasi will talk about the GPS positioning system in the logistics industry.

Most people know that positioning system includes positioning terminal, monitoring platform and vehicle.

The GPS mobile data terminal for sale is the front-end equipment used in the vehicle monitoring and management system, which is generally installed in various vehicles in secret. There are external antennas and built-in antennas here. Generally, external antennas have stronger signals.

The monitoring platform is the core of the dispatching command system, and it is a remote visual command and monitoring management platform. For online vehicle monitoring on all platforms, the electronic map of the system can show the intuitive position of the vehicle and the fuel consumption of the track.

The monitoring center monitors, dispatches and directs the operating vehicles within the controllable range in real time, centrally and intuitively.

GPS positioning system can realize the following points by tracking and regulating vehicles:

1. Transparency of logistics and transportation process, ensuring the safe delivery of goods, and solving the situation of "once the goods are delivered, nothing is known" in traditional logistics.

2. Solve the problem of difficult logistics scheduling and management, grasp the status of each vehicle at any time, and improve the operation level and monitoring ability of vehicles;

3. It is convenient for personnel to manage and dispatch, and the whole journey is recorded, thus avoiding the occurrence of private use of buses, private work, random reimbursement and other phenomena. Therefore, the choice of GPS locator depends on whether there are such functions as track playback, gps vehicle tracking fleet management, out-of-bounds alarm, electronic fence, overspeed alarm, etc. And after-sales is the key, because the platform should be used, not just for cheap.

The benefits of installing a vehicle locator are as follows:

1. Real-time positioning

You can check the running track of the vehicle at any time, even if the vehicle is stolen, you can get it back through the running track.

2. You can cut off the fuel and electricity, guard against theft and monitor the vehicle through your mobile phone or computer platform, and start your smart car life.

3. Reducing more expenses for enterprises is more conducive to management. Often, the company's big vehicles are difficult to manage, and employees often report expenses in disorder, which leads to unnecessary expenses for enterprises. At the same time, it can also assess the enthusiasm of employees of the company and speak with practice.