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What are the technical requirements for a car computer?

A vehicle mount computer is a highly integrated vehicle multimedia entertainment information center, which is specially developed for the special operating environment and electrical circuit characteristics of automobiles with high temperature, dust, and vibration resistance and can be integrated with vehicle electronic circuits. It can realize all home computer functions, support in-car Internet access, audio and video entertainment, satellite positioning, voice navigation, games, telephone, and other functions, and also realize specific functions such as visual reversing and fault detection. Its main functions include all-around multimedia entertainment, GPS satellite navigation, professional diagnosis of car information and faults, mobile office, and industry applications.


First, the main functions of the car computer

Vehicle mount computers combine various needs such as navigation, entertainment, and daily affairs processing, with compact appearance and high integration. As a new product used in high-grade vehicles, the car PC achieves five categories of functions and has powerful scalability: navigation and positioning, network functions, information instructions, entertainment functions, and security functions. The leading car PC can achieve this function.


Second, the technical requirements of the vehicle computer

Vehicle mount computer, especially for special vehicles, generally has many functional requirements, in addition to the usual number of serial ports, USB, and network ports, for the following specifications are particularly sensitive.

1, seismic requirements: vehicle environment needless to say, no matter what the vehicle has vibration generation, according to the use of objects with high acceleration large amplitude, low acceleration small amplitude.

2, display requirements: because the vehicle is used outdoors, can not avoid sunlight deflection or even a direct sunlight environment. Need to minimize the impact of this situation by choosing a high-quality display or structure design.

3, power performance: vehicle mount computer generally directly from the vehicle battery to take power, due to the use of a variety of different battery states, coupled with the ignition and ignition of the transient impact, so with the use of equipment power requirements are very high. Otherwise, it is very easy to damage the equipment.

4, wide temperature requirements: most in the subtropical and temperate regions, vast, extreme temperature environments of the vehicle, from -30 ℃ to 70 ℃ are possible, which is a test of the vehicle equipment.

5, electromagnetic interference: the use of special vehicles can not be only one electrical equipment, especially police, and medical vehicles. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation will bring serious interference to other equipment, such as digital radio, medical high-precision signs monitoring, etc.


6, function keys: the function keys, in an unstable car environment, can bring great convenience and improve the efficiency of use.

Nowadays, computers have also been extended to every corner of life because of the needs of the times. Today we are talking about the car computer that can make your "car" become more intelligent.