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T10 10inch Mobile Data Terminal Starts Mass Production In June

After 6 month development and experience EVT, DVT, PVT, we are now start our Mass production in June.

T10 10inch Mobile Data Terminal

T10 (10.1 inch) Vehicle Mount Computer Key feature:

1) Vehicle chip ALLWINNER T507, 64-bit Cortex A53, main frequency 1.5GHZ, processor passed AEC-Q100 vehicle regulation test

2) The same product can support ANDROID 10 or LINUX+Q5 system to meet different application requirements

3) Support RTK high-precision function (*optional), support triple network (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile) switching function, to meet the needs of agricultural automatic driving

4) Up to 4 channels of 1080P video can be previewed at the same time, and 4 channels of cameras can be connected (*The interface definition is based on customer requirements)

5) The vehicle mount touch computers can support up to 2 channels of CAN network, and the CAN rate can support 500kbps/250kbps switching (*interface definition according to demand)

6) Supports Ethernet function and mobile phone public network intercom function to meet the needs of fleet networking operations (*interface definition is based on customer requirements)

7) Support 9-36V power input, support ISO7637 vehicle power supply standard, compatible with various surge vehicles

8) IP65 protection grade, to meet the needs of harsh working environment

T10 mobile data terminal for sale will be good for your fleet management and agriculture autonomous driving to improve your fleet working efficiency and safe a lot of manage cost. T10 mass productions means it will meets all the industrial needs in Future.