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PDS Android Rugged Tablets - New Industry Trend

PDS Android Rugged Tablet is a small rugged computer designed for use in harsh environments. It has a touchscreen display and runs on the latest Android operating system. There are a number of different sizes available (7’’, 8’’, 10.1’’). They have a ruggedized design and can be used as a display device for controlling access to sensitive information such as tractor, mining and construction machinery, warehousing and logistics, taxi and fleet management, etc. It becomes the industry trend, perfect match for more harsh application scenarios


Recently, PDS T7, T8, T10 support Android 10.0, PDS T8Pro, T10Pro support Android 11 and Android 13. Their stability and robustness make them the new trend for industrial use. Additionally, Google Mobile Services certification is optional. With Google GMS, users can better enjoy Google services and ensure the functional stability and compatibility of the device.



PDS’s Outstanding Advantages:

PDS’s android rugged tablets undergo rigorous testing to ensure unparalleled durability and resilience in extreme conditions. Engineered for enhanced productivity, PDS rugged tablet computers are versatile, providing optimal performance for the workforce.


• Anti-vibration test: MIL-STD-810

• Impact resistance test: ISO16750

• Humidity: 95%, non-condensing

• Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C

• IP Rating: IP66


Built to Last

Providing stability and reliability to operate effectively in the most challenging environments. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and drops. Compliant with IP66 for water and dust resistance and meets MIL-STD-810H standards.


Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Supporting a diverse range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE. This ensures smooth data transmission and real-time communication with the control center, a crucial capability for field service applications.


High Productivity

Offering extensive I/O connectivity, including USB, USB Type-C, TNC, SMA, and aviation plug options, facilitating the connection of diverse peripherals. Additionally, it features an integrated sunlight-readable IPS 750+ nit screen. The Android series uses 9-36VDC vehicle power supply and complies with ISO 7637-II standard.