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Advantages and Differences Between Industrial Tablet PCs and Regular Industrial Computers

Industrial tablet PC manufacturers promise one-year warranty and provide maintenance and replacement services within three years. This does not mean that industrial tablet computer can only be used for one year. For example, a car can be used for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, some cars can run for 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

The lifespan of industrial tablet odm PC touch screen is closely related to the working environment. For example, in high temperatures, the motherboard and circuits in industrial control computers will age, and electronic components will be oxidized; in low temperatures, industrial computers cannot start; in humid environments, electronic components are easily damp and short-circuited; in high-dust environments, the industrial tablet computer can be easily vacuumed.

Adverse factors such as high temperatures, high dust, and high humidity will shorten the lifespan of industrial computers. In addition, machinery is always upgrading, and as machinery is used, the use of industrial computers is constantly upgrading. If used normally, industrial tablet computers can be used for 3-5 years. If it can be used for ten years, the quality of this industrial tablet PC should be good.

The advantages of the embedded industrial tablet computer

  • The industrial tablet pc touch screen has high reliability requirements. On the basis of meeting the reliability design of electrical functions, reliability design contents such as heat dissipation design, electromagnetic compatibility design, dust-proof and waterproof design, seismic design, etc. should be carefully considered;

  • Industrial tablet computer has good functional adaptability, which almost completely match the functions of the measured and controlled objects. It has certain expandability but not as the main purpose, so the products have high cost performance;

  • The miniaturization of equipment is a major manifestation, which is reflected in the compact design. There is no reference standard in the structural design, so the reasonable use of external interfaces and installation space should be fully considered;

  • Ultra-low power consumption and fanless design by mobile data terminal suppliers is the mainstream. Due to the limited heat dissipation capacity of the embedded system after the equipment is miniaturized, the average time between failures is high, especially in unmanned applications, the design of fanless and ultra-low power consumption is necessary.

The difference between the embedded industrial tablet computer and ordinary industrial computer

  • The position of embedded the industrial tablet computer in the entire measurement and control system is often at the front end, and the upstream connection of the embedded industrial tablet computer is often an ordinary industrial computer, whose computing power, software resources, and database support are beyond the reach of embedded industrial computers;

  • In large-scale system construction, the system expansion capability and network communication capability of ordinary industrial tablet computers are also difficult to replace by embedded industrial tablet computers;

  • In the fields of visualization design, process monitoring, data statistics, scientific computing, prototype simulation design, in-environment simulation, etc. Ordinary industrial tablet computer has inherent advantages.