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GMS Certified Android Tablet - The Next Industry Hotspot

Author: Jesse Song

Android tablets and Android devices are widely used in the public transportation sector and logistics industry, such as bus, taxi, truck, and coach and fleet management. However, lots of users still do not know that only Android tablets with Google GMS certification can meet the needs of smart transportation, which involves not only the compatibility of the hardware, but also the security and stability of the software and the Google Mobile Services.

This blog introduces first the Google GMS certification, and then the advantages it brings to Android devices.


What is GMS?

GMS stands for Google Mobile Services and is a collective term for a range of Google proprietary applications and services. Familiar apps like Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Play Store, etc. are all part of the GMS apps.

GMS is not part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which means mobile data terminal suppliers need to be licensed to pre-install the GMS bundle on devices. In addition, specific packages from Google are available only on GMS-certified devices.

Why Android Tablet need GMS certification?

Android tablets need to be GMS certified to run all Google proprietary apps, otherwise the rugged tablet PC ODM model will not be able to run them. On top of that, all users expect these essential apps to run smoothly out-of-the-box (OOTB) without crashes or failures. Imagine a taxi that is using an android tablet for navigation, and if there is a sudden failure, what would happen? Not to mention public safety and production process applications!

How android tablets get certified by GMS

To get an android tablet certified by GMS, the following tests need to be passed: 

• Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) 

• Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier) 

• CTS Audio Quality Test Suite (CAT) 

• GMS Test Suite (GTS) 

• Security Test Suite (STS)

GMS certification is an agreement between the manufacturer and Google that GMS devices come preloaded with Play Store apps and comply with Google's privacy policy, including the GMS agreement for privacy, data collection, and device updates, etc.

Pros of GMS Certification 

• Compliance with essential standards of quality and reliability 

• Mandatory installation of the latest Android OS will improve security

• Access to the Google Play Store and its security features 

• Ability to verify the security features of the device

• Mainstream apps work better due to reliance on the Google apps interface

• Google releases security updates monthly, and for GMS certified tablets, these security updates must be applied within 30 days. Security patches effectively fix vulnerabilities and security issues in the system, reducing the risk of hacking attack. In addition, security patch updates can bring feature improvements and performance optimizations that help improve the system experience. As technology evolves, the functionality of systems and applications is constantly being updated, regularly applying security patches and updates helps ensure the system and apps.

• The GMS certified oem mobile data terminal can be pre-installed with a series of Google apps and gain access to Google Play Store and other Google services, which enables users to make good use of Google services and improve work efficiency and convenience as well.


Industry applications require the use of Android-based smart hardware from time to time and expect these hardware to achieve a high level of compatibility and stability with Google Mobile Services and Android software. In industries that require the use of Android tablets for data collection, remote management or customer interaction, GMS certified Android tablets are the ideal choice and most competitive tool.