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What is a Ruggedized Tablet?

Ruggedized tablet designs have more appeal than other types of tablet designs. First of all, the technical standards and internal structure requirements are very strict, such as waterproof, drop-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, etc. Among them, the waterproof should reach IP65 or above, and the drop-proof should reach the pressure of a large truck without deformation. Compared with this kind of product, other products are solid and The degree of firmness is inferior. Secondly, the design style embodies a sense of professionalism, functionality, modularity, practicality, and design. The designer locates five design points, which run through the entire design.

Vehicle mount computer refers to a kind of tablet that is shock-resistant and drop-resistant. It has certain impact resistance and can also be waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, it is also called a three-proof tablet. It is suitable for use in industry and can adapt to harsh industrial environments. Another feature of the rugged tablet that can establish its position in the field of industrial products is the touch screen design. At present, most of the industrial tablet PCs on the market can provide touch control, virtual buttons, highlight customization, high light transmittance, and can be touched repeatedly without mechanical fatigue, which has basically become the standard configuration in the industrial tablet PC market. From the word "reinforcement", we can see that the ruggedized tablet computer has a stronger reinforcement technology, which is not available in ordinary tablet computers. What are the features of a ruggedized tablet?

1. Ruggedized tablet PC is lightweight and convenient

The field of computer reinforcement is gradually embarking on the road of specialization. Rugged tablet PC ODM has gradually developed in the direction of small, portable, and lightweight, and more are ruggedized tablet computers with an all-in-one structure that integrates the host, liquid crystal display, and touch screen. Installation and maintenance are very easy.

2. Ruggedized tablet PCs can withstand harsh environments

The front panel of the construction tablet computer is generally made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, hard anodized and brushed, and the protection level is generally IP65. The ruggedized tablet computer is a computer that has taken corresponding guarantee measures for various factors that affect computer performance, such as system structure, electrical characteristics, mechanical physical structure, etc., in order to adapt to various harsh environments, and can meet the requirements of mobile work in special environments in various industries demand.

3. Ruggedized tablet PC fanless design

Most industrial touch panels adopt a fanless design, using large-area fin-shaped aluminum blocks to dissipate heat, with less power consumption, lower noise, and longer-lasting batteries. Mobile ruggedized tablet PCs can better adapt to the requirements of stable and uninterrupted operations in industrial environments.