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What are the Requirements for an In-Car Industrial Tablet Application?

With the development of the times, the application of industrial tablet computers is not limited to military and industrial industries. Now, even the car industry needs to customize the industrial tablet, but the car system has many functions, so the requirements for customizing the industrial tablet are stricter. Tablet PC is used as a terminal in the car, and it directly replaces the role of car navigation and media playing. More importantly, it provides data support, body information integration, operator operation record/instruction, connection to control room and other functions for the car. So what requirements do customized oem mobile data terminal car tablets need to meet?

1. Installation and maintenance: Considering different vehicle environments, the coverage area is very large and the users involved are also very complicated. Under certain conditions, industrial tablets need to adapt to various scenarios as much as possible. For example, it supports VESA75/100 standard, RAM bracket, etc.

2. Display requirements: As the vehicle is used outdoors, it is impossible to avoid sun deflection or even direct shooting environment. It is necessary to choose high-quality industrial display or structural design to minimize the impact of this situation.

3. Anti-vibration requirements: No matter any vehicle has vibration, it has high acceleration, large amplitude, low acceleration and small amplitude according to the user.

4. Power supply performance: Vehicle-mounted industrial tablet computer is generally directly powered by vehicle-mounted batteries. Due to the use of various ignition states, coupled with the instantaneous impact and flameout of the batteries, devices with high power requirements are used. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the equipment.

5. Heat dissipation of the whole machine: As a result of dust and wind, the fan configuration is generally not recommended. Under the condition of fully sealed heat dissipation, no heat dissipation holes are added.

6. Wide temperature requirements: Most of China is located in subtropical and temperate regions, with a vast area, and the temperature environment of vehicles is extreme. It is possible to go from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, which is a test for industrial tablet computers.

7. Electromagnetic interference: Special vehicles can't only use electrical equipment, especially police and medical vehicles. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation will cause serious interference to other equipment, such as data transmission radios, medical high-precision physical monitoring, etc.

8. Protection level: According to different working environments, rain and dust are inevitable, and a qualified vehicle mount computer that reaches or can reach a certain IP level is a necessary condition.

9. Equipment interface: The serial interface between the terminal and the vehicle is also an important link. Looseness will cause the vehicle-mounted tablet to malfunction.