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Top 4 Reasons Why Technical Engineers Favor Linux Tablet

Author: Jesse Song

In comparison with Android tablet and Windows tablet, Linux tablet is uncommon in the market, especially less common in the consumer electronics market. However, among the industrial applications, Linux rugged tablets are the preferred choice of technicians. Their exclusive features (reliability, stability and durability) make them the ideal tools to enhance productivity and efficiency in harsh environments. In this blog, we will analyze the advantages of Linux tablets in detail, focus on what Linux rugged tablets can bring to users and industries.


Ruggedness and Durability

With decades of expertise, tablet manufacturers are recently able to produce Linux tablets that meet the requirements of industrial applications through the selection of materials, structures, and manufacturing technologies. These custom rugged tablets can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks, and are waterproof and dustproof to ensure optimal performance even in the harsh conditions. Agricultural applications, construction sites, open pit mining, or other harsh environments, Linux tablets can withstand the harshest conditions.


Compatibility and Efficiency

Another advantage of Linux tablets is compatibility. Many technical engineers rely on customized software or apps. Whether it is control systems, data analysis software or industrial automation tools, this oem mobile data terminal can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of industrial tools, ensuring that engineers can use the customized applications without any compatibility issues, and thereby improving the productivity.


Reliability and stability

The advantages of the Linux OS are the advantages of Linux tablets as well. Linux's security measures protect confidential data from unauthorized access, and allow developers to monitor and address the vulnerabilities, ensuring the security of the computing environment and the integrity and confidentiality of data. In addition, another important advantage of the Linux is stability. Linux is known for its robustness and reliability in handling complex tasks and long-term workloads. It provides a stable platform that ensures uninterrupted performance and reduces the risk of system failure.


Developer Community Support

This point is similar to Android tablets, the developers in the Linux community are constantly improving the operating system and supporting users. This community-oriented approach has resulted in regular updates and feature enhancements to ensure that Linux OS and device stays constantly up to date. Because of the regular updates, Linux OS and apps are becoming increasingly mature and stable.



From this blog we come to a conclusion that the advantages of Linux tablet come from two aspects: the device itself and the Linux OS. The ruggedness of the device allows the Linux tablet to work stably in harsh environments, and increasing productivity and efficiency. The stability, compatibility and open source of the Linux system make the Linux tablet suitable for industrial applications and engineers' habits.