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PDS T10 The Perfect 10.1'' Tablet for Auto-steering System

PDS, a global leader in the manufacture of vehicle-mount computers, launched its innovative tablet T10 in 2022, which has achieved unprecedented success and industry attention since its launch, with positive feedback from customers and the market. Meanwhile, the market share is growing year by year.



T10 supports dual band or multi-band RTK chipset, the integrated RTK module ensures it to achieve RTK centimeter high-precision positioning function. This allows it to work perfectly with the other components of the auto steering system and to play a control and display role in the system.


Moreover, T10 offers a wide range of ports and supports function extensions so that it can be easily compatible and communicates with RTK receivers, antennas, steering wheels, and angle sensors. Besides, T10's ruggedness (IP66), high precision, and multi-systems (Android or Linux) allow it to be utilized in a variety of agricultural environments:

• Auto-steering system, tractors

• Agricultural irrigation, sprayer

• Fertilization

• Harrowing

• Planting

• Spraying

• Harvesting

In addition, T10 also has excellent performance in other industry applications:

• Mining trucks

• Construction machinery

• Taxi, bus, public transportation

• Fleet management

• Logistics

• Industrial application

• Other development purposes


Recently, T10 supports up to 4x720P cameras for simultaneous preview and recording, which enables it to be used in more scenarios and needs. T10 has been exported to Europe, Japan, and South America, and has gained good reputation. More importantly, PDS has been working to reduce the burden on farmers around the world and improve farming efficiency. As the PDS slogan says, "Technology Is Making Farming Easier and Simpler", smart agriculture will thus become easier and more productive!