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How to Judge the Impact of GPS Tracker on Battery Life?

In today's urban traffic, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation. GPS trackers for commercial vehicles have become a regular tool for cars. More and more people decide to install GPS locators for their cars. If you decide to install a wiring the GPS locator, then, will this affect the service life of the car's battery?

Ⅰ. The impact of commercial vehicle trackers on battery life

1. Unreasonable installation

In the early stage of installation, if there is no normal wiring method or abnormal wiring method, it may damage your car battery. If your commercial vehicle GPS tracker is connected to the car's live wire at the same time, the tracker will accelerate the power consumption of the car battery, causing the battery to feed power, which in turn will burn the battery.

2. Operation error

If the customer installs a wired GPS locator but does not drive for a long time, the locator will also affect the service life of the battery. Generally speaking, if the customer does not drive for more than a week, the tracker will cause the battery power to be consumed, and at the same time affect the service life of the battery.

Ⅱ. Quality judgment of commercial vehicle trackers

At present, there are many particularly cheap GPSs on the market that choose low-end chips for positioning. One of the advantages of choosing a low-end chip is its low cost. The price is about tens to three hundred yuan, but the defects are also very obvious. In an open area, the positioning is usually more accurate, with little deviation, but in complex terrain, the shortcomings are prominent, and the deviation will be larger, reaching more than 100 meters or even hundreds of meters. So, how should we judge the quality of a GPS tracker for commercial vehicles?

Since people usually use GPS locators in cities or in areas with complex terrains, the use of low-end chips in these areas is precisely its biggest disadvantage. Secondly, the signal loss is serious, and the signal is often not received. The consequence is that installing it is equivalent to not installing it.

One of the basic elements of a GPS tracker for commercial vehicles is whether it can be equipped with a power failure alarm. The power failure alarm is to prevent car thieves from powering off the battery inside the car when stealing the car. If there is no power failure alarm function The locator will be invalid when encountering this situation. Therefore, the power failure alarm is one of the functions of the GPS locator. The locator without a built-in battery cannot work. In addition to the power failure alarm, the commercial truck GPS tracker, There must also be a built-in battery to prevent the car battery from maintaining normal operation when it is out of power.