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Can Commercial Tablets be Used as Industrial Tablet Computers?

Can commercial tablets be used as industrial tablet computers? I believe many people are not very familiar with this topic, so let's take a closer look.

Commercial tablet cannot be used as industrial tablet computer because their purpose is determined during the manufacturing process. So, what makes industrial tablet computer different from regular tablet? Let's take a detailed look from four perspectives.

Different application environments for commercial and industrial tablet computers

The term "industrial" in rugged industrial tablet computers refers to the rigorous application environments, such as heavy dust and humidity. In contrast, rugged business tablets are mainly used in more comfortable environments.

Different performance for commercial and industrial tablet computers

To cope with harsh environments, industrial tablet computers often have functions such as waterproofing and dust-proofing, as well as more stable performance. In other words, they can be treated roughly during usage. In contrast, rugged business tablet needs to be treated with care.

Different appearance for commercial and industrial tablet computers

To meet aesthetic requirements, industrial tablet computers have been redesigned using a modular design that makes them lighter, thinner, and more compact. With this trend, in the future, industrial tablet computers will be as good-looking as the business chinese rugged tablet.

Different expansion capability for commercial and industrial tablet computers

Industrial tablet conputer is often the core of a complex application scheme, requiring it to connect with many other devices to run together in harmony. Therefore, industrial tablet computer usually has many I/O ports, and modular industrial tablet computer can be expanded with additional modules to improve its adaptability. In contrast, commercial tablet has simpler functions and do not have such strong capabilities.

Industrial tablet PC and regular tablet in the mobile data terminal device market are very similar, being made up of hardware and software. However, industrial tablet computers are used in complex environments and therefore have higher performance requirements than regular tablets. Industrial tablets are typically used without interruption for long periods of time, which means they need to have reliable performance. Additionally, due to the complexity of the usage environment, industrial tablet computers are almost always custom-made, which is a major feature!