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Basic Functions of Vehicle-mounted Terminals

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal online monitoring

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal, comprehensive, intelligent and accurate monitoring. Through the background software, mobile data terminal device provides functions such as positioning information query, regional vehicle search, real-time monitoring and tracking, trajectory query, trajectory playback, alarm information reminder viewing, photo-taking, and video monitoring for the fleet and vehicles, which can realize real-time monitoring of vehicle information and facilitate management.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal dispatch management

Automatic dispatch, cost-saving, time-saving. It mainly includes automatic dispatch, manual dispatch, and status query functions. Among them, automatic dispatch calculates and matches automatically based on vehicle task and position range, and sends dispatch task information automatically; manual dispatch provides area search, SMS dispatch, and voice dispatch. Various and comprehensive information dispatch saves more costs and time for enterprises.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal report management

Comprehensive and abundant business information. PDS mobile data terminal for sale provides multi-condition query and report export functions. With the help of report function, the business information content is more abundant, and the vehicle information is richer. The report mainly includes alarm statistics (SOS alarm, boundary alarm, overspeed alarm, power-off alarm), driving report (start-stop statistical, historical trajectory), fuel consumption report (daily fuel consumption, refueling statistics), mileage statistics, temperature statistics, short message statistics, and image statistics.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminalOBD information

The vehicle mount terminal can grasp the vehicle's health status anytime and anywhere. It provides real-time query of real-time vehicle condition information (fuel consumption information, battery voltage, intake pipe temperature, current speed, engine water temperature, engine speed), fault records, maintenance management, and driving reports.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal order management

Convenient and efficient. It mainly includes order management, receipt management, and task management modules, and provides functions such as order query (multiple conditions combination), order generation, change, order view, order distribution, sending, revocation, etc.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal system management

Simple operation, practical. Vehicle-mounted MDT mobile data terminal system management includes user management, group management, role management, driver management, vehicle management, equipment management, alarm configuration, system logs.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal body control

Forced management. Commands such as "locking" or "speed limiting" can be issued through the background software for convenient management of vehicles that violate regulations.

Vehicle-mounted mobile data terminal analysis of bad driving behavior

Various alarm and behavior models. Built-in gyroscope supports various bad driving behavior models such as overspeed, fatigue driving, over-rotation, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, turning without using turn signals, parking without turning off the engine, idling, and neutral sliding; and has alarm for leaving the area, oil theft, power-off, rollover, and lane deviation.