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6 Benefits of Android Tablets

Author: Jesse Song

Android tablet is one of the most popular mobile terminals in the world. It has gained a considerable market share due to its versatility and wide range of features. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Android tablets, discuss common advantages with Android devices.


Open Source and Customization

This is the most successful point of Android, the open platform can attract more and more developers, spawned a huge developer community, appeared a variety of third-party applications and customization features. Along with competition, Android OS and apps are becoming more mature and stable.

Abundant Hardware Options

Due to the openness of Android, the rugged tablet manufacturer is able to develop android tablets with various functions and features, allow the software to adapt better to the hardware, which continuously improves the user experience and does not affect software compatibility and data synchronization.

Different Price Points

It is precisely because of the rich hardware options that manufacturers are able to launch Android tablets at different price points, from high-end customization to affordable and cost -effective equipment, thereby meeting the needs of different consumer groups.

Freedom in Software Development

Also, due to Android's openness, third-party developers are free to develop the software they need, and the numerous code libraries make development easy and convenient. Since Android apps dominate the largest app market, the abundance of apps makes Android tablets extremely attractive to consumers.

Powerful App Ecosystem

Google Play offers a large number of apps, and this app ecosystem provides users with a wide selection of useful apps that increase user productivity and work efficiency.

Seamless Google Apps

Android OS integrates seamlessly with Google services, making it possible for Android tablets to seamlessly use Google services, including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, etc.